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Safety precautions can protect your kids online

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With all the good the internet and technology have done for the world. 

 It is still impossible to ignore one of its negative effects. 

 That it has made it all too easy for sexual predators to find their prey.

Recently, one sixteen year old Brandon Juvenile fell prey to a sexual predator because of the internet.

They met online, began texting, and eventually arranged for the twenty five year old suspect - Dustin Branbury - to drive up to Brandon from Overland Park, Kansas.

The two then met up at the Comfort Inn - in Brandon - on April 9th of this year.  

Since, this case hit so close to home, we were curious to find out what one local mom does to protect her teenage daughters

Jody Nitz says that she tries, "to get as much conversation going between my children and myself and my husband." 

"So, they understand our expectations."

"We kind of pop in on them whenever they are on the computer and having them understand - if they are on the computer - we have the right to look at it, no matter when they are on"

That is good advice, especially when one considers that according to Crimes Against Children Research Center.  One in five U.S. teenagers, who regularly log on to the internet have received unwanted sexual solicitation.

Unfortunately, only twenty five percent of children, who encountered a sexual approach or solicitation, told a parent or an adult. 

Even more alarming is that only one third of households with internet access are actively protecting their children with filtering or blocking software. 

Also, juveniles are the prime age group, with seventy seven percent of the targets for online predators age fourteen or older and another twenty two percent were users age ten to thirteen.

So, it is easy to see why it is more important now - more than ever - for parents to be vigilant of what their kids are doing online and to talk to them about the risk that sexual predators pose. 

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