Owning Your Outdoors: Planning a Successful Garden

This week our yard and garden expert, Doug Schroeder from Lewis, has advice on prepping and planning a successful garden.

Doug says that there are several things you should take into consideration when you plan your garden.

Size and Location
-Evaluate your needs and what you will use your produce for.
-Location will need to provide plenty of sunshine and have water easily accessible.

-Amend new soil with 3” to 4” of compost material. Compost material can be composing plant, animal or manure.
-If it is an existing garden bed you will want to add 2” of compost material a year.
-Till compost into soil
-Draw a layout of your garden plan. Make sure that you rotate your plans from the previous year. Plant vegetables that are compatible next to each other. Keep your drawing for next years records.

-It is important to know the average last frost date in your area.
-Cool weather crops can be planted before last frost date. Warm weather crops after threat of frost is gone.
-Some items better planted from seed. Others in our area it is Better to plant seed. I.E. Tomatoes by plant. I.E. Beans and cucumbers by seed.
-Plant an assortment of varieties. If planting more than one tomato plants try different varieties. Lots of different tastes.
Mulch around your vegetables to preserve moisture. I use grass clippings. Something that will decompose and can be tilled in.