Couple gets engaged at St. Patrick's Day parade

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KSFY) - While there were many great moments throughout Saturday's St. Patrick's Day parade in downtown Sioux Falls, there was one memorable moment that stopped the show.

"We were both very, very Irish; very into the culture," Jason Ingber said

Kim Ekberg asked her boyfriend Jason to walk with her family in the annual St. Patrick's parade.

"I saw it as a good opportunity. She wanted to be in the parade, so after I thought about it, I was like lets do this," Ingber said

So, the couple lined up and started walking with all the other parade floats Saturday afternoon.

"As soon as the music started, we started walking for the first time, and my heart was pounding. So, yes, I was trying to distract myself by waving at all the kids," Ingber said.

It wasn't the crowd making him nervous, but the special box he had in his pocket.

"A little bit of nerves that's for sure. I saw her family, my family and just went for it," Ingber said.

"He said his shoe was untied and said he was going to stop and we were in front of all these people and I was like you are going to hold up the whole parade. I was very shocked," Kim Ekberg said.

Jason says he worked with the parade organizers before it started to make sure it was okay to pause the parade long enough to pop the question.

"Had her family there, had my family there. Some friends of the family," Ingber said.

"It was a complete shock. You did amazing," Ekberg said.