Avera Medical Minute AMcK: SDSU Health Professions Career Camp

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High school students from around the country dreaming of a career in healthcare, got the chance to explore all facets of it at Avera.

It’s all part of SDSU’s Health Professions Career Camp where students spend four day touring facilities and getting hands-on demonstrations of the latest medical technology.

“We have students come from Alaska and Wisconsin this year. And they also get these behind the scenes tours and experiences that you can’t have just by knocking on a health system door and asking to see these experiences. This is a great partnership between South Dakota State and Avera,” said Greg Heiberger, SDSU undergraduate program manager and lecturer.

High school juniors and seniors are getting a glimpse into what their future could look like. They’re learning about the in’s and out’s of healthcare, the latest medical technology and how they can shape the future of medicine – all right here in South Dakota.

“We’re bringing high school students to the state of South Dakota showing them amazing facilities, amazing faculty and researchers, and wonderful practitioners in health care so that they can see that this is a great place to live, but this is also a great place to be educated and then eventually pursue their career in South Dakota,” said Heiberger.

Joni Scheier with Avera surgery shows the students how the da Vinci Xi robot works.

“Once we doc the robot to the patient, the surgeon then moves to a different place in the room where he’s not next to the patient but yet he sees all three dimensional and it’s like having his human hands inside the patient but through a minimal invasive approach,” said Scheier.

With robotic surgery somewhat resembling a video game, students can connect to this new technology that is changing the way surgeries are performed.

“I think it starts to help students see the practical ties that they maybe wouldn’t have made before – whether it’s video games or whether it’s that part time job they have in the summer or that internship they have -- that not everything has to be completely health or science-related to be able to help them to be a good practitioner, to help them be a successful student in these fields – that there’s lots of other skills and other opportunities that they can engage in in high school and college that can help them to be a successful health care provider,” said Heiberger.

For more information just call 877-AT-AVERA.