Badlands Motor Speedway suspends races

BRANDON, S.D. (KSFY) - Badlands Motor Speedway announced Thursday that it will suspend all racing until it can find new ownership.

In a statement posted on it's website, the company said it made the decision to end races following negative reaction to a decision to cancel services provided by Med Star.

It claims, Med Star was late to arrive at last weekends event, then left immediately after the race.

Badlands said it has paid Med Star for the full season.

People who purchased tickets either on-line or in person will receive full refunds.

If they were bought on-line, BMS said the refund will be posted to the credit card that was used to purchase the tickets, and if they were bought in person, you will be able to bring them to that point of purchase for a full refund plus $10 in gas money, starting May 22nd.

The race track was originally on sale for nearly $10 million, but the price has been brought down to $7.5 million "to help accommodate a quick sale."