Burnside Game Place helps Sioux Falls School District with family bingo

Some Sioux Falls area families spent their Monday night having a little fun all in the name of BINGO.

This Monday night, and for the next few months, Burnside Game Place will help raise money for the Sioux Falls School District alongside KSFY Television and the Sioux Falls Storm for this Saturday's 'Night of Hope & Caring'.

"It's geared toward families, they can spend time and play games, eat dinner as a family," Burnside Game Place owner Neil Hlebichuk said. "Proceeds from March, April and May family nights will help the school district to offset costs for low-income schools to buy playground equipment, supplies, that type of thing."

This is made possible thanks to his organization 'Giving Hope, Incorporated'.

"A nonprofit giving back to kids across the area, organizations that deal with kids through food, feeding programs, clothing programs, safety, mentoring, education or scientific research. We want a group that deals with kids to be able to go online to Burnside Bingo.com, fill out a grant application and let us help support them," he said.

At least one of the players agrees, Bingo or not, this is a win-win.

Join us for a Night of Hope & Caring Saturday March 25th as we help raise money for the Sioux Falls School District during the Storm game. Kickoff is at 7:05 pm.

For more information about the event or to get involved, visit the link attached to this page or email jim@siouxfallsstorm.com.