Focus and hard work keep this Scholar of the Week at the top of her class

Our Touchstone Energy Scholar of the week, December 19th, is Kylee Donnelly. She's a senior at Elk Point-Jefferson High School with a perfect 4.0 grade point average.

Kylee is active in both Student Council and the National Honor Scoiety. She plays basketball and runs cross country. She's also involved in the school newspaper and yearbook.

Kylee Donnelly's family is doing something right. Her two older sisters, Jenna and Taylor, are previous Scholars of the Week.

When Kylee won, she says she was honored and thankful she was able to continue the streak.

"I've always kind of enjoyed school and I know that to have a successful career that you have to start working hard in high school," Elk Point-Jefferson Senior Kylee Donnelly said.

We asked Kylee what she credits her success to. She said it simply boils down to focus and hard work and that there is no replacement for it.

"You just have to be determined. If you really want it, to get those good grades and be successful it's all up to you," she said.

Elk Point-Jefferson High School Principal Travis Aslesen echoes that sentiment, telling us one of Kylee's most positive traits is that she's a responsible person.

"I think it's a willingness for Kylee to do what needs to be done and you have some people that see a need, fill a need. And Kylee is definitely one of those people," Principal Travis Aslesen said.

"You have to prioritize school. You know it is important to have fun and be with your friends but when it comes down to it school, family and sports are important to get done," Kylee said.

She's still working on narrowing down where she will go to college but tells us she has the list down to two.

"I've looked into Nebraska-Lincoln and South Dakota State for a biology major."

For being named our Scholar of the Week, Kylee receives a $100 scholarship from Union County Electric Cooperative which is a local Touchstone Energy Cooperative.