Goss Opera House looking for community support to keep doors open

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WATERTOWN, S.D. Historic buildings are landmark spots for community members and out-of-towners to visit and explore. The Goss Opera House is hoping to stay an attraction for many years to come.

The Friends of the Goss Foundation was created to keep the opera house functional. They're looking for financial support from Watertown and the surrounding area to keep the building open.

It's a building that could be considered the heart and soul of downtown Watertown.

"If the Goss succeeds, the downtown succeeds and we really need that to happen. I do believe that it's the future of our community," says Sarah Caron, Watertown Mayor.

Managing partners have bought surrounding parts of the building to expand the space to bring in more events. Weddings, reunions and concerts of all types are found in various parts of the opera house. The South Dakota Symphony plays on stage regularly and the musicians love the facility.

The opera house has a bar, coffee shop and restaurant as well as a new addition of a garden lobby. It's a building that provides plenty of meeting space for everyone around.

With the Goss Opera House being in such an old and historic building, it should be no surprise that it comes with a little superstition.

"We're haunted. There's a woman that died in a fire in the opera hall. There's a story that she wanders the halls and who knows, we might have to get ghostbusters in town," says Brad Johnson, one of the Goss Opera House Managing Partners.

If you'd like to donate to keep the opera house alive, follow the links to the right of the article.