Learn to fall on ice safely, before you do

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FARGO, N.D. (KVLY) -- At Sanford Medical in Fargo, North Dakota alone, over a dozen people have fallen on the ice and broken a wrist. A dozen more have had other ice-related injured.

One expert says you should learn how to fall before you actually do.

"With ice, we call it a predictable, unpredictability," said Dr. Brooke Erstad, one of the owners at Apex Physical Therapy in West Fargo.

Erstad says hitting your head is the worst thing that could happen. If you fall, try and cover your head or tuck your head. Keep your hands out of the way, rather than catching yourself with them. That will help avoid breaking your wrist.

Experts say when you feel yourself start to fall, you should let your body go limp. That will let you naturally roll into the fall.

The problem is, most people just naturally use their hands to break their fall, and it's tough to change that instinct.

Erstad says it’s even better if you can try and prevent yourself from falling in the first place.

"Don't walk with your hands in your pocket, or on your phone," Erstad said. "Pay attention.”

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