Man brings unexploded grenade to Mitchell police

Photo courtesy of the Mitchell Department of Public Safety

MITCHELL, S.D. (KSFY) - Streets surrounding the Mitchell Police Department were temporarily closed Thursday after someone brought an unexploded grenade into the station.

The Mitchell Department of Public Safety said a 68-year-old man brought the grenade to police to be destroyed after he apparently found it while helping a friend clean out a building in rural Davison County just northeast of town.

A Davison County Sheriff’s Office Deputy searched the property, but no other explosives were found. Authorities believe a deceased relative of the property owner acquired the grenade years ago.

The DPS said it may be a training grenade. It was transported to a secure location where it will stay until it is destroyed.

Authorities wanted to remind the public to never touch or transport explosives, but to instead leave the area and call police.