Minnehaha County Sheriff Department: "Check what your teen is doing"

SIOUX FALLS, SD (KSFY) - The Minnehaha County Sheriff's Department had an important warning parents on Friday: check what your teen is doing.

That was the message from Captain Jason Gearman, who was responding to questions about the arrest of a Baltic teen.

Nicholas Schmidt, who was already accused of sending minors in his school lewd and threatening messages, now faces three charges for possessing, manufacturing, or distributing child pornography; two counts of rape in the second degree; and one count of rape in the fourth degree.

A judge set Schmidt's bond at $10,000 cash-only on Thursday. Additionally, he can not have contact with the victim.

According to an affidavit, a 16-year-old girl reported to the Brandon Police Department that Schmidt allegedly intimidated her into performing oral sex and sending multiple nude photographs of herself to him in the summer and fall of 2016.

A detective asked Schmidt earlier in May about the allegations she made, and he admitted to receiving nude photographs from her and saving them to his phone. He also admitted to hanging out with this girl multiple times and told the detective that all of the sexual encounters he had with her were consensual.

Schmidt was originally facing four charges for allegedly attempting to send photos of his penis and making threats like 'I will rape you’ or ‘cut your throat’ to two minors. He now faces these child pornography and rape charges on top of those. He will appear in court Thursday afternoon.

Gearman says if parents are paying for their child's cell phone, they should be checking it to see what their child is doing on it.