Miss America Savvy Shields meets youngest fan who shares her name

Members of the KSFY News team weren't the only ones honored to have the reigning Miss America, Savvy Shields, in Sioux Falls on Wednesday. That feeling carried over to Sanford Hospital where Miss America visited one of her youngest fans inside the maternity wing who is less than two days old.

With a special girl born six pounds, fourteen ounces, so was a special story she can tell for the rest of her life.

Miss America, Savvy Shields, meet: Savvy Scheidt.

Worthington couple Molly and Jay Scheidt welcomed their first child, Monday night. Mom is a lifelong fan of the Miss America pageants and was watching when Savvy Shields, Miss Arkansas, won the title in September. When Jay found out Savvy Shields was in town, he reached out via Twitter hoping she could meet their little girl who shares her name.

Molly, a teacher, struggled to find the perfect name for their little girl. Surrounding herself with children everyday at work, she knew she wanted something different.

"Savvy was on TV presenting herself exactly how I'd want my daughter to present herself, so poised on stage. When I heard her name, I immediately knew that was the name I wanted for my daughter," Molly Scheidt said.

A rare, true honor for any Miss America.

"I was very shocked. You never think of something that happens in your lifetime, on your radar," Shields said. "It's such an amazing thing I was here in Sioux Falls when their daughter was born. A moment I'll remember for the rest of my life."

They say pictures are worth a thousand words.

If that's true, the ones taken inside the Sanford Hospital maternity ward will tell a special story for decades to come.

"You watch Miss America every year, getting to meet the genuine person she is, I can't describe it. It'll be a memory to last a lifetime," Molly said.