Museum at Black Hills Institute holds history of South Dakota

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The Black Hills are full of history, and a museum in Hill City has been drawing in history buffs for years.

The Museum at Black Hills Institute is home to countless skeletons, fossils and displays.

Among them, Stan, which is the second most complete T-Rex skeleton in the world, as well as the skull of Sue, the most complete T-Rex skeleton in the world.

It was discovered by the Black Hills Institute back in 1990, and is now on display in Chicago.

Staff said if you are not a natural history fan when you get to the museum, you will be by the time you leave.

This is the history of South Dakota in one building, and it's the ancient history," Black Hills Institute President Peter Larson said. "The dinosaurs and all of the extinct animals that once roamed these plains."

The museum also houses minerals and meteorites.