Owning Your Outdoors: 5 Plagues of Yard Care

This week on Owning Your Outdoors our yard and garden expert, Doug Schroeder, lists some of the problems or "plagues" you might experience. Many times, the solutions are easy.


The most obvious. Herbicides, pre-emergent and good old fashioned hard work are the best solutions. It takes less time being diligent about control than trying to fix when out of control.


There are way too many and causing severe damage. Ways to protect your garden and landscape.

  • Repellants

  • Fencing

  • Pets - Dog or cat


Powdery Mildew. Easily identified as white or grey residue on your plants. Use a fungicide Lawn Fungus. Aerate your yard every couple years and fertilize regularly. Do not over water your yard. An inch a week. Fungicide if needed.


  • Aphids- six legged, soft body about a tenth of an inch long. Plants leaves will appear yellow, brown, wilted or deformed. Appropriate insecticide.

  • Grubs- Brown patches in your yard. You will be able to pull up the sod. There are many great preventive products. I use on once a year.

Drought and Heat

If conditions become very dry plants will start showing the effect. Make sure to check and water if plants are stressed.