Owning Your Outdoors: Flowering Shrubs for Mom

Two of the most popular flowering shrubs are “Endless Summer” Hydrangeas and “Easy Elegance” Roses. Lewis yard and garden expert, Doug Schroeder, says that in addition to sprucing up your landscape, they also work great in containers.

"Endless Summer” Hydrangeas

  1. Blooms continuously on new and old wood

  2. Bloomstruck is the new star.

  3. Purple blooms in acidic soil, Pink in alkaline

  4. Morning Sun afternoon partial shade

  5. Like organic material

  6. Fertilize in the spring

  7. Make sure they are mulched over winter

"Easy Elegance” Roses

  1. Disease resistant and cold hardy

  2. Comes in a wide variety of colors

  3. Requires 6-8 hours of sun

  4. Fertilize in the spring

  5. Prune mature bushe

  6. Grown on own root, so if you have stem die back and it comes up from the ground, it will be the same rose

While the above plants work well in containers, Doug says that they will not survive the winter if left outdoors in the container. You should either transplant them into the ground in the fall or bring them into the garage.