Owning Your Outdoors: Gardening with Kids

Gardening can be fun and educational for kids. This week's project will allow each child to be creative and enjoy the experience of planting a patio planter. Almost any combination of annuals will do. Make sure you choose plants that require the same amount of sunlight. 

  • Step 1: fill the container with potting soil to the line indicated.

  • Step 2: pick the annuals they want to plant (5 to 6 plants)

  • Step 3: place annuals in planter where they want them.

  • Step 4: fill in around annuals with more potting soil and gently pat down around the plants.

  • Step 5: water in and add more potting soil where needed.

  • Step 6: have your child should help with the watering and maintaining the plants. This will give the child a small taste of growing annuals and teach them responsibility.