Owning Your Outdoors: How to Remove Damaged Tree Branches

A lot of trees were damaged and branches were broken when storms moved through earlier this week. This morning on Owning Your Outdoors our Lewis yard and garden expert, Doug Schroeder, has some tips for removing broken branches from your tree.

First, know your limitations. If the branches are too high or you do not have the proper tools, it might be time to call an expert. If over 50 percent of the crown of your tree is damaged, you may need to cut it down.

Doug says you should also evaluate the health of your tree. If pre existing disease or damage is a factor in the damage, it might be time to let the tree go.

When trimming off broken branches, it is important to prevent the weight of the branch from tearing the bark off the side of the tree. To do this, before you trim the broken part of the branch, score the underside of the branch. This will prevent the bark from tearing when you cut off the damage portion of the branch. After you cut off the bulk of the damaged branch, go back and remove the remainder of the branch at the collar.

Doug says that there is no need to cover the exposed area after cutting off the branch. The tree will heal itself.