Parker family reunited with lost dog Jake

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SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KSFY) - A Parker family, whose dog went missing a few weeks ago, was reunited with "Jake."

Janeen and Don Rang said when the Sioux Falls Humane Society contacted them Tuesday night, they weren't sure what to expect. Their dog Jake went missing when the pair were out of town, leaving son Garrett in charge of their family's farm and the 5-year-old yellow lab mix.

When they heard Jake had turned up in Sioux Falls, they were shocked, never thinking to call there because of its distance from Parker. That's when they tried to get Jake back and found out he'd been adopted just a day earlier by another family.

Their daughter Danielle created a post on Facebook that went viral, begging for help finding Jake and his new adoptive family. That's when KSFY News was first to report the Rang family's dilemma.

The Humane Society asked the family to come in for a meeting on Wednesday afternoon and when there was discussion about Jake ...

"I think something was said about Jake going home, and I said, 'is it gonna be with us?' Janeen Rang asked. "And they said, 'yes, he's here,' so then they brought him in so we could see him."

The Rangs said it's a moment they'll never forget.

"I was just so excited to see him and just so thankful that everything worked out," Janeen explained.

But, the anonymous family that returned Jake to Rangs, didn't just do it because they thought they should have the back. The Humane Society received threats as a result of this story going viral and for everyone's safety, decided it was time to give him up. The Rangs said that was an unintended consequence of all of this happening.

"I think the big thing is in everything is -- whether it's people or animals -- be kind, think about feelings and treat everyone with respect. That's what the world needs," Janeen said.

The Rangs are also grateful for the Humane Society finding Jake, even though tensions were high for awhile.

"[We're] mostly sorry for all the inconvenience," Don Rang said.

"It wasn't our intention to bring any kind of badness out of this situation," Janeen said. "They picked up Jake, they did what they could do for Jake and there's nothing to be faulted about that."

Tonight, they're just thanking the family for letting him come home.

"I feel really bad cause I'm sure you got very attached to him too -- he's just that kind of dog," Janeen said. "You can't help but love Jake. But we are so thankful to you, where ever you are, we are just so grateful and you'll never how much it means to us to have him back."

The Humane Society was relieved for a happy ending as well. Jake is now microchipped, something the Humane Society does to every animal before it leaves there. They also outfitted him with a new collar and leash.

The Rangs explained they've learned a lot from all of this, and will be sure to contact all of their local authorities -- and the Humane Society -- if Jake ever wanders away again.

"I think the experience maybe that we've been through will hopefully help other people if you have a situation and know what steps to take and what to do," Janeen said.