Rebranded Sanford Sports Complex restaurant now open

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (SIOUXFALLS.BUSINESS) - Ordering from the menu will be a lot easier at the new Will’s Training Table that replaces Beef ‘O’ Brady’s at the Sanford Sports Complex.

Sanford bought out the restaurant Beef O'Brady's was in, so that's why they rebranded it. They wanted to make the theme more fitting with a menu that could get people in and out of the restaurant quickly if they are attending a sports event.

The new menu is two pages compared with the dozen from the franchised concept.

“We wanted it to be smaller, obviously, and we wanted it to be good and fast,” general manager Michael Wallin said. “Where we are, people don’t have a lot of time.”

Many diners are families whose children are playing in tournaments at the site in northwest Sioux Falls, and they want a quick meal between games, Wallin said.

“The menu serves a restaurant like this where you go from 0 to 100,” he said of crowds arriving at same time. “That was a big factor in the menu... We wanted to match ticket times with a better menu.”

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