Residents near 85th and Brett disappointed in council's decision

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SIOUX FALLS, S.D. - Neighbors near 85th Street and Brett Avenue in Sioux Falls are exploring their options after the city council approved rezoning for a three-story apartment near their neighborhood, again.
They've been fighting the affordable housing project every step of the way.
People who live near the corner of 85th and Brett are feeling defeated.

“Going for a neighborhood with houses and then boom having an apartment complex sitting right there on the corner just doesn’t really seem to fit in,” homeowner Mylynn Hanson said.

She isn’t sold on the change couple isn't sold on the change and has decided to move.

“We were like oh you know maybe we'll just stay put. It's sort of easier in a way to stay where you know you like, and not have to move, but you know when they decided to put the apartment complex in that was pretty much the decision maker to go ahead and get it put on the market,” Hanson explained.

City Councilor Pat Starr voted in favor of Costello Company's plan, but says the decision wasn't easy.

“For me it really came down to the rights of the property owner,” he said.

Costello Company wants to make this a smooth transition, including finding compromises like building a buffer zone between these preexisting homes and the apartment building that's going up.

“They're going to work with the neighbors to do some kind of berming to protect the neighbors to the South and East as well as using more mature trees than are required by the City Sioux Falls,” he explained.

The apartment is going to be 40 feet from these homes which is several feet more than the minimum distance allowed. The company is also going to have about 90 units when it could have closer to 140.

Even so the Hanson family is still packing their bags.

“We love the neighborhood. We thought it was a nice area to be in, easy access to the interstate so you kind of hate to give that part up, but yet you know we really did not want having an apartment in, relatively speaking in our back yard,” Hanson said.
KSFY News reached out to Costello Company and they did not return our request for comment.
Other neighbors in the area say they want to work with developers to make this transition as seamless as possible.