Rock Valley man sentenced to six months for assaulting former girlfriend

ORANGE CITY, IOWA (KSFY) - A 23-year-old Rock Valley man has been sentenced on several charges after authorities say he assaulted his former girlfriend in front of her two small children last November.

According to Sioux County Attorney Thomas G. Kunstle, Julian Barrientos was sentenced on July 14 for assault, obstruction of emergency communication and disorderly conduct.

Barrientos can have no contact with the woman for five years, and will be on two years of probation, including the Iowa Domestic Abuse program.

Kunstle said the incident happened when the woman, who Barrientos used to live with, returned home with her two children -- ages four and three at the time.

As the woman was leaving the vehicle, Barrientos asked her if he could stay with her.

When she declined, Kunstle said the man grabbed her phone, climbed through the vehicle, punched her in the face, pulled her hair and strangled her, all while the children were inside the vehicle.

The woman was able to call 911.

Officers charged Barrientos with domestic abuse assault by strangulation, child endangerment, obstruction of emergency communication, and disorderly conduct.

Barrientos waived his right to a jury and his trial proceeded before a District Court Judge on May 9, 2017.

Kunstle said the court found no domestic relationship existed, and he entered guilty verdicts on assault, obstruction of emergency communication, and disorderly conduct.