Shocking discoveries made during drug raid

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OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) -- Frightening discoveries were made during a drug raid at a rented farmstead about 20 miles west of Omaha, Nebraska late last week.

Two homemade explosive devices were found in a garage outside a house on a rural road in Saunders County. The devices were moved to a safe area and detonated by Nebraska State Patrol bomb experts.

Local officers with Tri-Core, three county drug task force and federal agents seized a huge cache of weapons including some unusual ones like swords.

They also seized automatic weapons and rifles. Silencers to fit some of the guns were also found in the house. Outside, they removed a security camera hidden in a tree.

But the startling discoveries continued. Investigators spotted a potential booby trap. Bomb techs defused a car rigged with a wire leading to the gas tank.

“If they had the proper power source, a spark from that electrical cord into the gas tank would have caused the gas tank to explode,” said Saunders County Sheriff Kevin Stukenholtz.

The house with all the weapons is home to three young children. Two women and a man have been arrested for drug possession and various other charges. The investigation is continuing.

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