Sioux Falls man wins trophy from Taco John's

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KSFY) - A local man is the latest person to win a taco trophy from Taco John's.

Chad Birger of Sioux Falls received the highest Civilian Taco Award at a ceremony at the Taco John's on S. Louise Avenue on Tuesday. He received the coveted Taco John's taco trophy after making it to the restaurant for Taco Tuesday almost every week over the past year.

"Unfortunately, I did miss one," he said. "Back in early summer my wife scheduled a family vacation down at the Grand Canyon, and the nearest Taco John's was a five-hour drive each way, so we decided not to make the 10-hour trip to keep the streak alive."

Birger was awarded the trophy for his tireless dedication. It has only been awarded once before -- to Minneapolis sportswriter Michael Rand.