Sioux Falls street department focused on safe evening commute

Sioux Falls, SD Sioux Falls has not yet called a snow alert this December, but with how fast the snow is coming down Friday, the city street department said it is prepared to handle whatever snow comes their way.

Crews were out as soon as the snow started to fall Friday making sure the emergency routes were cleared and also putting down product on all the hills and bridges in the city to help make Friday's evening commute was a little safer.

"We believe that the emergencies should be very drivable throughout this event, we're not expecting a huge amount of snow, but its relaly about how much comes down and how fast it comes down and our ability to stay ahead of that," Sioux Falls Public Works Business Operations Manager Dean Borchardt said.

While the emergency roads were cleared of snow and ice, it was still a slippery commute for many drivers Friday.

There were plenty of accidents reported all over the city Friday afternoon and evening, backing up traffic in many areas.