Snow caused very long morning commute

Sioux Falls, SD Many communities surrounding Sioux Falls cancelled school due to Friday’s snow storm, but even though many kids were able to stay safe and warm at home, many adults who work in Sioux Falls still had to make the long and dangerous commute this morning.

“It took me over an hour and it’s usually a 16 minute trip, it was very slow going,” Brandon resident Cory Hansen said.

Commuters who live just a few miles outside of Sioux Falls had a tough time getting into the city this morning.

“From Brandon to Sioux Falls this morning, I’ve been making that trip for 17 years, this was the longest it took me to get to work,” Hansen said.

The up side of that slow commute was a fairly low number of accidents during the morning commute.

“I didn’t see anybody in the ditch, but the trip was really hard, it was difficult to see,” Hansen said.

The closer you get to Sioux Falls, the better the driving conditions were Friday, but out of town, visibility was limited.

“We both take the county black tops to work and the plows hadn’t come through yet so the black tops were a little sketchy still, but traffic and everything in town on roads like Minnesota were fine,” Harrisburg commuters Bryan and Rebekah Hakeman said.

“The bad spots are always the open fields and then when you go downhill you're always more cautious,” Hansen said.

For drivers with a longer commute, some decided the conditions were too bad to even try heading into work Friday.

“We got a phone call saying, don't let her go to work today because we've seen semis in the ditch, and other things like that. So just kind of knowing there are people who are going to let you know how the road conditions are,” Rebekah Hakeman said.

“That's a great part about living in this part of the country, people care,” Hakeman said.