South Dakota Supreme Court hears case against Department of Corrections

PIERRE, S.D. (KSFY) - The incident may have happened several years ago, but Lynette Johnson is still fighting for justice after her husband Ronald was killed at the State Penitentiary.

Johnson had her children by her side as the South Dakota Supreme Court listened to her appeal.

This comes from last year's ruling in favor of the Department of Corrections in regards to her husband's death.

Nobody could have predicted the events leading up to Ronald's death, but Johnson's attorney Don McCarty said the DOC made efforts to cover up and misrepresent their involvement in his death.

"Once they were shocked, they, specifically Doug Weber, made the decision to cover up what took place, and initiate and offer an after incident report that completely mislead Ms. Johnson as to what happened," McCarty said.

The defense's attorney James Moore says said the report wasn't required and was given to provide explanation to the public.

Statements and rebuttals for the appeal lasted for about an hour. Johnson had no additional comments to make.

She hopes the Supreme Court reverses the Second Circuit Court's judgement.

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