To vaccinate or not to vaccinate?

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SIOUX FALLS, S.D. - A measles outbreak continues to spread near Minneapolis, Minnesota with the disease now being diagnosed in 8 unvaccinated children.
The reappearance of this disease has renewed the debate over vaccinations and if the government should require them to eradicate these types of diseases.
“I think that we need to have a discussion on vaccinations. There just doesn't seem to be enough research out there that can give a solid conclusion as to whether or not they're safe to give to our children in the way we're currently giving them,” concerned South Dakotan Dee Sweigart said.
Whether to vaccinate is a decision Sweigart says shouldn't be made without careful consideration.

“We need to do a lot more research in regards to when we give them, how many doses we're giving at one time and the ages that we're doing it,” she explained.

KSFY News reached out to the community online to discuss the vaccination debate. Many said anti-vaxxers are endangering other children because they compromise herd immunity.
Others say it's a parent's right to choose.

“America, land of the free. And yet more and more it's free to do this person will allow or that person will allow and that's not what this is about,” Sioux Falls parent Bryce Xavier said.

“We always advise people to vaccinate their children,” Dr. Fares Masannat stated.

Dr. Masannat is an Infectious disease physician and says the conversation around vaccines can be frustrating.

“Because these infections are preventable and the vaccinations have been around for a very long time,” Dr. Masannat said.
He says this chart from the CDC shows vaccines are effectively reducing many diseases including measles.
“We know that the vaccination is the single most important step in preventing the infection,” Dr. Masannat explained.

Even so, many are skeptical about what's inside that syringe.

“Would recommend for every parent that has a child that's on the current vaccine schedule to just make sure that they look at all the ingredients,” Sweigart advised.

Dr. Masannat says there are people who should not be vaccinated, including cancer patients receiving chemo-therapy and pregnant mothers.