Touchstone Energy Scholar of the WeeK: Allison Grygiel

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Tonight's Touchstone Energy Scholar of the Week is Allison Grygiel, a senior at Florence High School with a perfect 4.0 grade point average.
She plays Volleyball and Basketball and is currently taking dual credit courses to get a head start on college.

Allison Grygiel says she has a motto that pushes her to stay on the ball when it comes to her studies. "it's easier to get ahead and stay ahead than it is to fall behind."
It is a motto she takes to heart.
Her 4.0 G-P-A is a testament to that.
And it's not just her high school studies she is working on.
She is taking classes that are also earning her college credit.
By the time she graduates, she may have 20 college credits already on the books. "I want to get good grades to get into college to get great scholarships. I also spend a lot of time on my homework at home after sports practices. It takes a lot of time to stay ahead in your college classes."

Allison is a busy young woman and her efforts to get all her work done on time and properly get her a lot of positive attention. Gary Leighton is the Superintendent of the Florence Public School District. "Allison is one that does that very well. She has to work very hard because her time is taken up working at home on the farm, playing Volleyball, Basketball, FFA."

As far as academic role models, Allison says she credits her parents for that. "My Mom and my Dad both really motivate me because they are both so hard working and they always teach me to never give up and always be determined."

As far as her future plans, Allison says she has her sights set on an Animal Science major from South Dakota State in Brookings. "Cause i love animals and I want to help them as much as I can."

For being named our Scholar of the Week, Allison receives a $100 scholarship from Codington-Clark Electric Cooperative which is a local Touchstone Energy cooperative.