Baby blues: Police families share double the bundles of joy

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TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW) -- Riding in the same patrol car in Topeka, Kansas for the past couple of years, Officers Alex Wall and Evan Friedrichs have formed a solid friendship.

So imagine the joy in learning both their wives are expecting baby boys, and both are due to arrive the same day.

"I told him (Friedrichs) when I came to work, because I was really excited and just found out. He looked at me and goes, 'So are we,'” said Wall.

The coincidence only adds to their bonds. Friedrichs’ wife also is an officer, and went through the police academy with Wall.

"I was in the academy with Officer Wall and went through the entire academy with him as well, so it's pretty neat,” said Sarah Friedrichs.

It's also exciting for the Wood Valley Neighborhood Watch Committee. They threw the expecting parents a surprise baby shower, returning the favor to those who serve them.

"As an officer, you truly start caring for those that you serve and at times you find that they start to care for you, and this is just a beautiful example of that,” said Wall.

Both bundles of joy are due June 14.

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