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Pastor spots mountain lion in Aberdeen

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It was a frightening moment outside of Holy Cross Lutheran Church, on Monday.

Police in Aberdeen got a call around 9:30 in the morning about a mountain lion that was seen in the city.

"Scared the daylights out of me," Reverend Bill Nelson-Loefke said. "That's all I know it just scared me....Yesterday morning around 9:30 my secretary and I were at the office and she was looking out the window across the parking lot and in the field and said there's something out there."

Bill thought it was a mountain lion, but admits it was kind of hard to see from that distance. But he would soon get a closer look.

When he was walking out of these doors to go to lunch he noticed something out of the corner of his eye. Next to the air conditioner unit, less than 20ft away was a very huge, very wild animal.

"The church was locked so I didn't know whether to go backward or forward," Nelson-Loefke said. "so I threw my book at it... and it ran away."

Not just any book, it was the good book... Throwing his Bible was just a reaction. It wasn't until Bill sat down that he really got a chance to think.

"I got in the truck and it finally set in exactly what I saw and I was pretty scared," Nelson-Loefke said.

After experiencing something like that, Bill admits, he was a little more cautious when he got to work, Tuesday morning.

"I got out of the truck this morning and now I'm kind a scanning," Nelson-Loefk said. "You know, I'm looking down where we first saw it and I'm looking up behind the building along the row of trees in the back."

Authorities say, that if you do see any wild animals you should call your local law enforcement immediately and not to interact with the animal yourself.

The Game, Fish and Parks Department has been investigating the situation.

And although the sighting is still officially unconfirmed officials say that reports have been called in Brown County in years past, and the mountain lion population in South Dakota has been high this year.

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