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State Legislature

South Dakota lawmakers decline to study polygamous sect

State lawmakers to study water issue, workforce housing

Refugees, polygamous sect among topics lawmakers could study

Lawmaker seeks study of polygamous sect's South Dakota site

Lawmakers look to prevent future 'Gear up' incidents

Veto of permitless concealed carry bill stands

Bill allowing concealed guns in Capitol fails

NRA encourages lawmakers to override constitutional carry veto

Supporters press state lawmakers to overturn gun bill veto

Gov. Daugaard signs budget bills

Gov. Daugaard signs bill to revise mental health procedures in Criminal Justice System

Gov. Daugaard signs legislation to combat meth

Gov. Daugaard signs additional measures to replace IM 22, among other bills

State lawmakers restrict pocketing leftover campaign cash

Gov. Daugaard signs surplus land bills

South Dakota lawmakers struggle with difficult state budget

South Dakota House approves governor's protest legislation

Race against the clock in Pierre to get bills passed and budget approved

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