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Avera Medical Minute: School Anxiety

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Jenny Danke walks her daughter Grace to school for the first time. Jenny Danke walks her daughter Grace to school for the first time.

For so many children in the region, summer vacation is over and school is back in session.No matter how old we get, I bet you can still remember your very first day of school. It's an impressionable, emotional and monumental time in your life and for parents. This Avera Medical Minute has more on facing school anxiety.

Five year old Grace Danke doesn't realize it, but she is starting one of the best journey's of her life. She started kindergarten this week. Her mom Jenny, like most moms can't believe her first born baby is such a big girl and ready for school.

Jenny says, "I'm not ready for kindergarten. She is but I'm not. I just can't believe how fast it went. I'm just not ready."

Grace's biggest worry was over lunch... where to go... where to sit. Jenny's list of concerns was a little longer. She says, "I was worried because she is shy. I was thinking she wouldn't have anyone to play with, that she would be on the playground by herself, that she'd be eating lunch alone. I promised my husband I wouldn't tell anyone this but we drove by the playground two times during the watched her at recess and she was just fine."

Avera Behavioral Health Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist Dr. Sarah Flynn says those are all normal feelings for such a landmark moment in a child's development. She says the best thing a parent can do is to stay upbeat and positive. Be matter of fact and reassure your little student you will be back after school and can't wait to hear about all the exciting things they did and learned during the day.

Dr. Flynn says, " Some kids are just more ready than others. Some kids are shy. Going to the school and having them get acquainted with it will help. As will finding a friend in class and then set up play dates with that friend."

After day one of school Jenny is happy to report Grace had a great time. "It went better than we expected. She loved music class and loves her teacher. She even has a new friend with the exact same name. Oh yeah, it was tougher on me without a doubt, " She laughed.

Dr. Sarah Flynn says routine is crucial have one and stick to it. Especially the child's mealtime and bedtime schedule. And if your child is still having a tough time leaving your side, communicate your concerns with their teacher.

If you have questions call 877-at-AVERA or check out www.averamckennan.com



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