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Avera Medical Minute: Keeping Your Resolve To Quit Smoking

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Over-the-counter products can help you break the habit. Over-the-counter products can help you break the habit.

Many of us plan to quit smoking for new years but within days lose the resolve.  We went to the Avera Heart Hospital and talked to their tobacco cessation coach about learning what you can do to recommit to quit for good.

If you have tried to quit smoking and haven't been able to do so successfully you might want to get help from a product or an expert.  Respiratory Therapist and Tobacco Cessation Coach Deb Murray at the Avera Heart Hospital tells us not everyone can quit smoking cold turkey. She says it's okay to use nicotine replacement products like the lozenges and Nicorette gum.  She says inhalers, nasal spray and pills are also available with a prescription. Murray says don't be discourages if you've fallen off the wagon more than once.

Murray says, "I just talked to a woman today who said she failed. I said don't say fail. You only fail if you don't keep trying. So step back, take a look back and re-evaluate where you went wrong and maybe rethink some of the places you go. Remembering the reason you wanted to quit in the first place."

 Murray says you need to know your triggers and avoid them if possible. Let's say you smoke when you drink or around other smokers in a bar. She says when you are first starting off, you'll probably need to steer clear of the bar scene. Now let's talk excuses. Murray weighs in about weight gain.

Murray says, "The average amount of weight gain when you quit is 8-10 pounds. In the big picture that really isn't that much and something you can take off. Something you can do is plan out your meals, better yet, plan out your snacks. For those of you with nervous energy you need to have healthy snacks available and watch portion control. Eat only a handful of nuts, choosing carrots, celery are good options too."

The health benefits of quitting are many. Just 20 minutes after you stop your blood pressure and heart rate decreases.

A year after quitting the excess risk of heart disease is half that of a smoker's. Give it 15 years and the risk of heart disease is the same of a non smoker. No better time than the present, so start a new and resolve to recommit to quit for good the time.

The Avera Heart Hospital offers the "Quit For Good Program" call 605-977-7000 or click HERE.


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