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Avera Medical Minute: Diabetic Foot Care and a Special Program

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This is an example of a bad foot ulcer on a diabetic patient. This is an example of a bad foot ulcer on a diabetic patient.

Diabetes can have an adverse affect on your eyes, kidneys and feet. Anyone, at any age, can develop problems if their blood sugar gets out of control. We talked to a podiatrist in Sioux Falls about proper foot care for diabetics.

Dr. Travis Venner with Orthopaedic Consultants/Alvine Foot and Ankle Center in Sioux Falls sees a lot of diabetic patients who are having major issues with their feet.  Unfortunately, by the time he sees them it's often too late to prevent major surgery because it's gotten so bad.

Dr. Venner says, "Diabetics will develop 2 main problems. One they develop vascular disease which is when they develop poor circulation down to their feet. They also develop peripheral neuropathy. They can't feel their feet so if their shoes are tight or walking barefoot they can get ulcerations. I've had patients come in with thumb tacks, insulin needles in their feet. They stepped on them because they don't feel their feet as good as they should."

Dr. Venner says the reason diabetics suffer with these kinds of conditions is because they didn't control their blood sugar like they should have.

Dr. Venner says, "I always tell them every night before they go to bet to check their feet to make sure they don't have any open sores or blisters. Do the same in the morning, and during the day I tell them to take off their shoes too to check them over. If they can't see the bottom of their feet put a mirror on the floor and wave their feet over the top so they can see the bottoms and if there are any sores."

Diabetic patients are also instructed to wear white cotton socks. The cotton wicks away moisture in their feet and the color white will show if their feet are bleeding.

Lisa Jensen at the Avera Living Well Center (corner of 33rd and Minnesota Ave) in Sioux Falls showed us the section they have at the store that's dedicated to diabetic foot care.

 Lisa says, "It's important to have shoes that fit properly because often times if the diabetic patient can't feel their feet, they can't feel if their feet are rubbing in their shoe and will develop foot ulcers. When you get those, it takes a long time to heal. That's why starting with a good fitting diabetic shoe with good inserts is a good start."

It comes down to taking care of yourself, managing your diabetes and making sure your feet are in shoes that fit.

Living with Diabetes - Caring for Your Feet with Diabetes
Taking good care of your feet is essential when you have diabetes.  Please join us to learn more about how to prevent, detect and treat diabetes-related foot problems.

Speaker:  Dr. Travis Venner, DPM (Podiatrist)

Avera McKennan's Living with Diabetes group provides support and education for adults with type 1 and type 2 diabetes. Everyone with diabetes experiences daily challenges, frustrations and triumphs in living with the disease. Talking to others, sharing your personal journey and learning all you can to keep yourself healthy are all part of successful coping with diabetes.

The Living with Diabetes programs are free of charge, with the exception of the April Cooking Class. Everyone is welcome! If you would like to join us, please call the Diabetes Center at 605-322-8995.

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