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Avera Medical Minute: Weight Loss Challenge Update

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Jenny and Doug Bartel ordering healthy subs at the Subway on 26th and Sycamore. Jenny and Doug Bartel ordering healthy subs at the Subway on 26th and Sycamore.

We've all heard it. We all know it. We don't all do it. When it comes to getting healthy and losing weight, diet and exercise are the two not-so-secret keys to success.  The couple front and center in the Avera McKennan Weight Loss Challenge also says portion control and what you put on that portion have played a role in their success. Here's an update on the Bartels.

Ordering lunch is easy for Jenny and Doug Bartel, especially at Subway. They already knew what to eat, but they admit they just didn't always do it. They are now and it's showing. Jenny's shed 7 pounds. Doug's down 30.

Jenny says, "Compared to Doug's 30, it makes me sick, but (even with 7 lbs.) my clothes feel better. I feel better. I do have more energy. I haven't made the commitment to the gym either like Doug has. I'm not there 4 to 6 times a week like he is, but I've really changed what I'm eating and I'll take that."

They are smart to go to places, like Subway, where they can make smart choices. The problem Doug is running in to is time. He says quite frankly he is running out of time to run to the gym and he's nervous because the family is headed to California for vacation for 2 weeks.

Doug says, "These last couple of weeks have been so busy. I just haven't gotten to the gym like I was, but I'm not going to beat myself up over it. Yeah, it's been busy and I'm going on vacation. Am I going to work out at all or do I need a break? I realized I need to work out even on vacation because if I get out of that routine when I get back I've chucked the whole things. If I'd get on the scale and see I've gained 5 -10 pounds I'll get discouraged and say forget it. I don't want to do that. I've worked too hard at this point and I want to keep it off. If I come back and only lost 1 or 2 pounds, I'll take that as a victory. My goal on vacation is maintaining."

Doug is one of the pastors at Hillcrest Baptist Church on E. 26th. It's a busy thoroughfare, Doug's a busy guy. You can see how close Burger King is, it's just down the street. Two months ago, before the weight loss challenge a double Whopper with cheese would have been calling his name. He didn't have time to go anywhere else. No sir. Not anymore. This is not a temptation.

Doug says, " I'm not tempted to run over to a fast food place and super-size something. I don't desire that actually. I have some fear that if I go back to that, my body will start craving it. So I have let go of that and I feel good about that."

The Bartels are on the homestretch of the Avera McKennan Weight Loss Challenge and savoring their success one healthy bite at a time. 

Jenny says she does a lot better when she keeps a food diary. That's helped her cut down on her snacking big time. Doug says running and weight training have been key for him in taking off the 30 pounds. He'd like to lose another 30 more even though none of his clothes fit!

The 3 month challenge wraps up on August 17th.


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