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Avera Medical Minute: Psoriasis

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Sarah Herman had psoriasis for 46 years. Sarah Herman had psoriasis for 46 years.

If you have psoriasis, you aren't just someone with a common skin condition. You are someone who suffers with a lot of itching and irritation.  We spoke with a Pastor who preaches in Alpena but lives in Parkston who's prayers were answered by Dr. Douglas Pay at Avera Dermatology in Sioux Falls.

Sarah Herman says, "I was 7 when I got psoriasis. I had it from ear to ear and head to neck, to the nape of my neck, and and on my foot."

For years Sarah fought psoriasis. An unsightly and unbearable skin irritation where thick red skin with flaky silver-white patches would build up all over her head.

Sarah says, "I'm told it's an over growth of skin that causes the immune system to be effected so I've always been kind of sickly."

She would itch her scalp so much as she slept she got infections. Eventually she just shaved her head because she was fighting a losing battle.

Sarah says, "You know what one mosquito bite is like. Imagine what a thousand of them in one place and they all itch at the same time. That's what psoriasis is like for me."

Sarah tried everything under the sun and nothing helped with that was until Enbrel. But how is it an arthritis medicine cured her psoriasis?

Douglas Pay with Avera Dermatology says, "The reason is arthritis especially psoriatic arthritis is caused by the same thing and Enbrel attacks those cells."

Sarah says, "I said to my husband, don't you think after 46 years I should get some relief? We should see if this Enbrel works for me. So I went to Dr. Pay in March and in a month and a half I saw huge relief. The itching went away right away."

Now as she kicks back on a park bench with me, all she has to show for her psoriasis is scars on her heels and some spots on her ankle. Her head is totally clear and this minister is clear on why.  

Sarah says, " I'm just so thankful it gone. It's completely gone. It's a miracle drug for me."


Dr. Douglas Pay with Avera Dermatology says Enbrel is just one drug in the biological medicines that seems to be having great success in treating psoriasis.

Sarah Herman gives herself a shot twice a week and is fine with that as long as it keeps working.


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