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Avera Medical Minute: Weight Loss Challenge Wrap-Up

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Doug & Jenny Bartel along with their daughter Kaycie and son Ryan look at their new Wii. Doug & Jenny Bartel along with their daughter Kaycie and son Ryan look at their new Wii.

For hundreds of you, it has been hard fought, will-power testing 3 months. The 12 week on-line Avera McKennan Community  Weight Loss Challenge just wrapped up and more than 2,000 people lost a total of 8,850 pounds. We check in with the Bartels one last time to find out what's next for them.

We have watched as Hillcrest Baptist Minister Doug Bartel and his wife Jenny have changed their lives and their eating habits over the last three months. They cut back on snacking in between meals and made those meals smaller.

For Doug, the key in dropping 30 pounds was working out. He did a lot of running and resistance training..

Doug says "The whole experience was amazing. You know I was wondering 12 weeks ago what today might feel like. You don't know when you start this, you have all these aspirations. Will I make it? Will I feel like a success at the end? "

To give you an idea of what 30 pounds means on Doug's 6'4" frame we went to Norman's Mens Wear. Doug started out in May wearing 42 pants. He's down to a 36 and when you hold them up together you can see that's a big difference.

Jenny says, "I'm definitely not done. I went a lot slower than I hoped. My progress was a lot slower than I thought it would be too, but I'm okay with that. I know I can continue because 10 pounds is a good start. I'm okay with inching away at this."

Director of Avera Corporate Health Services and organizer of the Weight Loss Challenge Amy Olson stopped by with a big surprise. She brought the family a Wii Sports System.

Amy told them, "The winning teams each get a Wii and we thought you certainly deserved one too for inspiring so many people through the news stories and on your blog."

The Bartel's daughter Kaycie screamed and jumped for joy. Their youngest Ryan did a dance and their oldest child Brad who was in school during all of this has been warning his parents not to have seconds because he wanted to win the Wii will be thrilled to find out.

Doug says, "It says something to this community that Avera gives a rip about the people enough to do something free of charge to make everyone healthier. Plus, who knows how many years they've put on the lives of people that their kids and grandkids will thank them for and hopefully they've started something in me and in others we can continue on. I am definitely not done. I'm looking forward to Christmas. That's my next goal. I hope we all find ourselves out of work because the Santa suit won't fit."

As they say, there's no finish line in fitness. A lesson the Bartels are learning. An experience they are appreciating.


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