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Avera Medical Minute: Prenatal Care and Testing

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Expecting first time parents Lindsey and Jay Meyers tell us what they did to prepare for their baby. Expecting first time parents Lindsey and Jay Meyers tell us what they did to prepare for their baby.

According to the March of Dimes, 1 in 33 babies are born with a birth defect. Knowing that, wouldn't you want to do everything in your power to make sure your baby isn't one of them? We talked to an expecting couple who worked very hard to be ready for their future bundle of joy.

For Lindsey and Jay Meyers, deciding to start a family didn't happen haphazardly. The Harrisburg couple has been married for 7 years and wanted to make sure they were mentally, physically, and financially ready for a baby.

For Lindsey the process started in the doctors office at the Avera Brookings Clinic months before she got pregnant. She got up to date on all her immunizations and got a tetanus shot.

Lindsey says, "Smoking and drinking were things both physicians talked about as far as watching consumption. You know, quitting smoking ahead of time and taking folic acid not to mention starting a healthy diet full of fruits and vegetables before getting pregnant. Folic acid is so good not only for your unborn baby, but it's good for you too"

Since neither Lindsey or her husband were smokers and didn't drink much that wasn't a big concern, but Lindsey was a runner so she was worried about how much of that she could do once she did get pregnant.

Her family practice physician Dr. Carilyn Van Kalsbeek from the McGreevy Clinic Avera at 69th and Western in Sioux Falls says, "It all depends on the patient but in general if you are already exercising you can usually continue the same exercise program but some of that may need to be adjusted. You will need to talk to your physician about the specifics."

Lindsey says, "They always say you need to prepare your body like you are getting ready to run a marathon and that's true. The labor process is going to be tough."

Besides prenatal care there is also genetic testing for things like cystic fibrosis, but the Meyers opted not to do that. They said it was a personal choice for them because they knew no matter what the tests showed, they would love their baby unconditionally. They do know it's a boy and is due April 29th.

Jay says, "They take a look into your family history too. They delve back and look and see if there is anything that may be identifiers to suggest  that we should do genetic testing and for us nothing showed up."

Getting up to date on all her immunizations, taking prescribed prenatal vitamins and eating healthy has given Lindsey and Jay peace of mind and they know they did everything they could to give their baby a fighting chance at being healthy.

For more information check out www.averamckennan.org 

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