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Avera Medical Minute: AveraAdvantage

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AveraAdvantage Insurance Experts (left to right) Dan Peterson and Jack Arnett AveraAdvantage Insurance Experts (left to right) Dan Peterson and Jack Arnett

If you are a senior citizen and on medicare, the information and choices you are bombarded with can be overwhelming.

In this Avera Medical Minute, we have more on how the professionals at AveraAdvantage can help you decipher through the many options still available with Medicare Advantage plans. 

Jack Arnett, market manager of AveraAdvantage and AveraSelect, along with colleague Dan Peterson also from the AveraAdvantage Sioux Falls office, are trained certified insurance professionals with AveraAdvantage. They deal exclusively with the medicare supplement and medicare advantage plans.

Arnett says, "AveraAdvantage is a medicare advantage private free for service plan that's different from the traditional medicare where cost sharing and co-pays are involved. In exchange most the times premiums are significantly less. It's important for the beneficiary to take a look at both plans and what would be best for them financially."

Most medicare beneficiaries probably signed up during the annual enrollment period in November and December, but Arnett says if you are one of them and are finding that what you signed up for is not working for you, you can make some changes (albeit limited changes) now through the end of March during the open enrollment period.

Arnett says, "For example, if you joined the medicare advantage plan with a drug benefit attached to it you must join another medicare advantage plan with a drug plan attached to it or go back to the traditional plan with a stand alone prescription plan."

If all this is confusing to you, don't feel badly. There are so many more options and complexities to Medicare Advantage than what medicare has offered for the last 35 years. That's why you need to talk to a pro.

Dan Peterson is an AveraAdvantage Insurance Producer. He says, "We feel like we can give them everything they need just by sitting down and answering all their questions on a personal basis."

Peterson and Arnett want to make sure that picking the right health plan, doesn't hurt your mental or financial health in the process.

For those of you new to medicare and medicare advantage, the AveraAdvantage experts say once you are enrolled in medicare part A and B, all you need to do is bring in your card and a list of your prescription drugs and they will go through what plans suits you the best.

Even if you are an experienced beneficiary and have additional questions or concerns, the AveraAdvantage experts are available to assist you. They will sit down with you and help you understand the many options and plan designs available to today's Medicare beneficiaries.

For more information go to www.averaselect.com or go to www.averamckennan.org 


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