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Avera Medical Minute: Fertility Care

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Travis & Kristin DeWitt and baby Connor. Travis & Kristin DeWitt and baby Connor.

One in ten couples will have trouble getting pregnant, but you shouldn't be discouraged. There is help. We introduce you to baby Connor DeWitt. He is the direct result of his parents determination, due diligence and fertility care at Avera Women's.

4 1/2 month old Connor may not be so happy after getting shots, but his mom and dad Travis and Kristin DeWitt couldn't be happier to have him in their lives. For a year and a half the Sioux Falls couple tried to get pregnant to no avail.

Kristin says, "It was disappointing. My whole dream is to be a mom and to not be able to be a mom or to have trouble it was like, women are supposed to have babies. That's what we do. All my friends were having babies and I wanted one so badly. So not to be able to was really discouraging."

Dr. Jane Gaetze is an OB/GYN and Fertility Care Specialist at Avera Women's in Sioux Falls. She says, " I will usually tell parents if they have really tried for 3 to 6 months and timed it out to when they actually thought it was the correct time to try they should see someone who will actually help them get pregnant."

So the DeWitts did. Through the Fertility Care at Avera Women's they discovered the problem.

Kristin says, "It was me. I have low progesterone levels and progesterone is what keeps the baby inside."

Before the DeWitts could welcome their beautiful bouncing baby boy, Kristin had to put progesterone cream on her belly 2 times a day for 4 months. It worked. 4 months after seeing a specialist at Avera they were expecting.

Kristin and Travis smile ear to ear and say, "It was pretty exciting."

Dr. Gaetze says, "What we did is help her identify through the charting system within the fertility care when exactly she's ovulating so she will know down to the day. It works so well people will know exactly what month they want to pregnant. The DeWitt were very receptive to everything we taught them and the charting system."

The DeWitts say they are lucky they didn't have to go through a regiment of shots or even in vitro. For them it was a matter of paying attention to Kristin's body and then charting it. Hardly any trouble for the biggest payout of their lives.

Kristin says, "Without the fertility care, we wouldn't have Connor. We owe them everything."

Kristin did have to use progesterone suppositories once she got pregnant, but again says it was a small price to pay.


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