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Avera Medical Minute: Pain Management

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Dr. Heloise Westbrook talks about spinal cord stimulation therapy. Dr. Heloise Westbrook talks about spinal cord stimulation therapy.

Pain is often accompanied by loss.... loss of function, loss of employment, loss of friends and relationships. It's no wonder people living with chronic pain have increased incidence of depression, anxiety and sleep disorders. You don't have to live in a state of pain. The therapies you need to lead a productive life could be as close as Aberdeen.

Dr. Heloise Westbrook is the Director of the Avera St. Luke's Pain Management Center. She is on a mission to get you and your primary care physician to be aware of pain and do something about it.

Dr. Westbrook says, "The problem is when a patient comes to see the primary care provider besides an upper respiratory infection, a lot of patients have pain. Their chief complaint is people saying 'Doctor I hurt'. They are often the first people to treat the pain so what they do sets the course of action."

Dr. Westbrook says the number one thing that brings people to her is lower back pain. She's glad they are coming in because she doesn't want to people turning to pain relievers that only mask the pain. Over use of any drug can cause damage to the organs. Or worse, misuse of prescription pain killers can lead to addiction.

Dr. Westbrook says, "Here at the Pain Management Clinic in Aberdeen I perform spinal cord stimulation trials. The implantation of permanent spinal cord stimulation systems. The therapy is proven to be successful. Overall the patients are happier and able to be engaged in the community."

Whether it's back and neck pain, fibromyalgia, or arthritis that's hurting you, Dr. Westbrook hopes the upcoming Pain Management Symposium she is hosting in Aberdeen will get other doctor's thinking about innovative treatments.

Dr. Westbrook says, "It's exciting because we want to heighten the awareness about pain and try to engage our physicians by identifying pain more acutely and treating more acutely to decrease the incidence of chronic pain that may not be well controlled."

Life is hard enough. You shouldn't have to deal with the daily grind in excruciating pain.

September is National Pain Awareness Month and Avera St. Luke's Pain Management Center in Aberdeen is hosting the 7th Annual Mid-West Pain Management Symposium Retreat September 25th through the 27th at the Aberdeen Convention Center. 
CALL 605.228.5758 To register by phone.


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