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Avera Medical Minute: Recovery From Radial Tunnel Surgery

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Dr. Curd looks at Tom Mundt's healing incision 13 days after surgery. Dr. Curd looks at Tom Mundt's healing incision 13 days after surgery.

Here is the conclusion to our special Three Part report on Radial Tunnel Syndrome.

On February 5th Tom Mundt from Tyler, Minnesota had surgery on his right arm to alleviate the dull ache and sometimes sharp pain he has felt for over a year because of Radial Tunnel.  In this Avera Medical Minute, we went back to the Orthopedic Institute in Sioux Falls to see how he's doing during his check up with his surgeon.

Tom Mundt had his forearm operated on by Dr. Blake Curd with the Orthopedic Institute in Sioux Falls. He cut away muscle and vessels constricting the radial nerve.

Dr. Curd says, "He looks terrific and we're only 13 days after surgery. His wounds are healing wonderfully. The deep pain and sharp shooting symptoms he had before surgery are pretty much resolved. He has surgical pain but that's expected at 13 days. But he's doing wonderful."

Tom's biggest complaint is the soreness under his arm and to the side of the incision. Dr. Curd says that's normal post-operative bruising.

Tom says, "I haven't done any heavy lifting but I used to feel it a lot when I just flipped the covers over and that's been gone. I'm hoping that took care of that and I won't have to worry about that anymore."

Tom will do a lot of his therapy at home. A lot of strengthening and stretching. When we saw him, he was having his second session of occupational therapy with certified hand therapists at the Orthopedic Institute.

Dr. Curd says Tom is already half way to normal activity. In a month, he will kick in to full-on strengthening mode. And in 3 months, he should be good as new. For a guy who hasn't used his right arm much in the last year that's great news.

Dr. Curd says ,"So far it looks phenomenal and I think he's happy." 

Before Tom saw Dr. Curd on February 18th, he was able to use his hand to eat, dress, things of that nature. He even officiated a basketball game 7 days after surgery.

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