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Avera Medical Minute: Breast Reduction Surgery

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Vonnie Reuer had breast reduction surgery in 2007 and is thrilled with the results. Vonnie Reuer had breast reduction surgery in 2007 and is thrilled with the results.

One woman's dream may be another woman's curse. We talked to a plastic surgeon in Aberdeen who is performing a lot of breast reduction surgeries for health related reasons.

Most plastic surgeries are usually done with the a little vanity in mind. The goal: To improve your looks. Breast reduction surgery will typically improve self-confidence, but Dr. Sanjay Mukerji with Aberdeen Plastic Surgery Associates (a clinic of Avera St. Luke's Hospital) says it's done for a number of health reasons and is one of the few plastic surgeries that insurance does pay for routinely because the benefits go way beyond appearance.

Dr. Mukerji says, "It's done for patients who have symptoms from excessively large breasts. A lot of them suffer with upper back pain, shoulder pain, tightness in the neck, a rash under the breasts, and indentations on their shoulders from their bra strap cutting in."

Vonnie Reuer from Aberdeen had the same day procedure done in August of 2007 and like so many women in her shoes, she too had back pain and some arm and shoulder problems.

Vonnie says, "That was the deciding factor for me. Any type of activity was more constricted when you are larger busted. It's hard to be active."

Even regular activities like walking for Vonnie would require wearing two sports bras. Wearing one isn't comfortable so imagine the freedom she felt after surgery.

Vonnie says, "It gives you a sense of confidence and a sense of better well being when you can be more active. When it's not so constrictive. I honestly think when you are born that way you don't realize until after surgery how bad it was. It was an ah-ha moment."

Dr. Mukerji says his patients usually have only one regret, that they didn't do it sooner.

The actual procedure takes about 2 hours. Dr. Mukerji says you are usually home 2 hours later and can be back at work in 2 weeks.


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