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Avera Medical Minute: Addiction Recovery

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The Medical Professionals Recovery Program at Tallgrass. The Medical Professionals Recovery Program at Tallgrass.

Admitting you have a problem and then getting help is half the battle, but the road to recovery for addicts can be a long one.  Avera Behavioral Health has collaborated with TLC Tallgrass to offer a recovery program for medical professionals with addictions. The ramifications for getting treatment often times keeps them from getting help. Avera's new program tries to reach them before the problem gets worse.

People who seek help here at the Twelve-step Living Corporation or TLC Tallgrass on the south edge of Sioux Falls are either addicted to alcohol or have a chemical dependency. All of them will spend a minimum of 30 days here and all of them who came here because they want to recover from their disease of addiction.

Tom Ashworth is the Director of Alliances at TLC Tallgrass. He says, "Addiction is very invasive. The emotions are very similar, but the situations, the stories, are different as to how people get to the starting line of recovery."

In August of 2008, Avera Behavioral Health collaborated with Tallgrass to start a program here for health professionals with addictions. Tallgrass is not a treatment facility, but with this particular program Avera licensed therapists go to Tallgrass to clinically treat those here from the medical community.

Craig Kindrat is an Addiction and Mental Health Licensed Therapist with Avera Behavioral Health and lead clinician of Avera's Recovery Program for medical professionals with addictions. He says, "They are reluctant to seek help in the first place, so we want to make sure their anonymity is protected and their confidentiality protected."

Kindrat says 10% of the population has an addiction at some point in their lifetime. Of those 10% less than 10percent seek help. He says that especially applies to health professionals with addictions and it can run the spectrum from nurses to surgeons.

Kindrat attributes the low numbers to excessive self-reliance. He says, "Sometimes they can can act as their own doctor to take care of their personal issues. ,Plus, they think there's an expectation that they should be able to handle everything on their own."

Here at Tallgrass the hope is to connect all of their guests albeit a brick layer, banker or brain surgeon to the community of recovering addicts to help them navigate on their journey to regaining their life.

The Medical Professionals Recovery Program at Tallgrass may also include a comprehensive Psychosocial assessment, access to physiatry/pain management services and couples and/or family counseling.  For more information call (605) 322-4079


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