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Avera Medical Minute: Patient with Stunned Myocardium

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Rose Colella from Sioux Falls in Cardiac Rehab at the Avera Heart Hospital. Rose Colella from Sioux Falls in Cardiac Rehab at the Avera Heart Hospital.

Denial is a heart attack's best friend. Ignoring your body won't stop it from happening. We met a Sioux Falls woman who knew the symptoms of heart attack, got to the ER within minutes and saved herself from surgery and maybe even her life.

Rose Colella is getting ready for one of her last cardiac rehab sessions at the Avera Heart Hospital, but her blood pressure is running a little high. It could be because Ed, her husband and love of her life for 36 years, is sitting next to her but more than likely our camera's the culprit. The reason she is here in the first place is a stunned myocardium. She had a heart attack in the midst have having coffee with friends at home.

Rose says, "Soon as they were done my arms went dead. They just didn't feel like they were mine. No pain, just this pressure in my chest and seemed not to have any feeling. Ed came in and I said goodbye to the ladies and I said Ed you better keep your coat on we better go to the Avera Heart Hospital."

Ed had Rose at the Avera Heart Hospital ER in 10 minutes flat and her cardiologists said it's a good thing because minutes mean muscle.

Rose says, "The doctor said to me in the ER now this is how we like to get them. Right at the beginning."

Dr. David Nagelhout, "You can see the damage. The wall should be coming in and it's basically sitting there not functioning what so ever."

Cardiologist Dr. David Nagelhout with North Central Heart shows us Rose's echo. She lucked out by suffering only a stunned myocardium, no permanent damage was done.

Dr. Nagelhout says, "Unfortunately, most of the time when they come in they wait too long and they have permanent damage and it doesn't get any better. With a stunned myocardium, just like it sounds, it's stunned. It sits there and doesn't work. If we get in quick enough after a heart attack we get things fixed eventually and the heart muscles improves and goes back to normal."

That's exactly what Rose's did with medication. She spent 4 days in the Heart Hospital, but needed no surgery, no stent, just 36 sessions of monitored cardiac rehab. Her heart is now pumping like it should, like it always has and it still belongs to Ed.

Rose whole heartedly believes had she not gone to the hospital immediately when her symptoms struck the outcome would have been a lot different. Like we've said before if you think you're experiencing a heart attack CALL 911. Don't wait. Just go.


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