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Avera Medical Minute: Holmspun Medicine

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Every week those of you in the Brookings area get free medical advice from local expert Dr. Rick Holm. The doctor who practices what he calls "Holmspun Medicine" put pen to paper to show you the picture of health.

16 years ago Dr. Rick Holm, an Internal Medical Doctor with the Avera Brookings Medical Clinic, was asked to come to the KBRK Radio Studio in Brookings to talk about some common health issues. They got such a big response it's now a weekly call-in show on 1430 AM called Holmspun Medicine produced by Joan Hogan with Bob Wayne at the controls. For 30 minutes, the doctor answers all your questions.

Dr. Holm's popularity and airtime grew when he became the on-air Medical Editor of On Call. A weekly TV show produced at SDSU through AgBio Communications seen Thursday night's on South Dakota Public TV and is now in it's 6th year. During the show he does an editorial and that Holmspun Medical Advice blossomed in to hard copy. A book called "The Picture of Health: A View from the Prairie."

We found the book at Zandbroz Variety in Downtown Sioux Falls. Dr. Holm says the hardest part was whittling down his 200 essays on his computer to the 75 that made the cut.

Dr. Holm says, "The best education starts with a story. The stories I know the best are my own and I don't have to get permission to use them. It lends itself to a lot of educational moments and that's what my mission has always been. The book isn't intended for other doctors. It's really meant to educate the public."

Each essay is one page and each centers around a different topic. Each is thought provoking, as are the photographs taken specifically for each subject topic. Each was taken Dr. Judith Peterson a pain management specialist in Sioux Falls who dabbles in artistry on the side. She is always looking for the deeper meaning.

Dr. Judith Peterson says, "I think what the pictures allow us to do is to go to a quieter place and reflect. That in and of itself is a very beneficial thing."

If nothing else both doctors hope the book gives you some insight into some topics you know very little about, but one day may have to deal with personally.

Dr. Holm says, "The value in medicine has a lot to do with humility, but now I have a book to sell so here I am saying BUY THAT BOOK!"

From program host.. to author.. to pitchman... Dr. Holm admits he's all of the above, but doctor always comes first.


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