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Avera Medical Minute: Avera Living Well Center

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Customer Service Coordinator Lisa Jensen helps customer Marie Barth with a wrist brace. Customer Service Coordinator Lisa Jensen helps customer Marie Barth with a wrist brace.

Your Christmas shopping days are numbered for those of you still checking off names. If you have someone really hard to buy for, we may have some unique and healthy ideas. We went to the Avera Living Well Center on 33rd and Minnesota in Sioux Falls and came back with some great ideas to help your loved one live well in 2009.

Marie Barth from Sioux Falls fully expected to be here at the Avera Living Well Center one day, buying a wrist brace. The long time secretary just found out she has the beginning stages of carpal tunnel.

Marie says, "I'll wear it just at night. It's not too bad, it's just the start of it. I have tingling in my hands and I notice they fall asleep at night when I'm sleeping so i wake up and notice that."

For those of you with loved ones in need of something like this (brace) or maybe home exercise equipment or therapeutic message items and they don't want to spend the money on themselves this may be the perfect place to finish up your Christmas shopping.

Marie laughs and says, "oh, absolutely. It's not what I would call a good Christmas present (mostly because I wish I didn't have to wear it), but it would do if they couldn't think of anything else."

For a lot of seniors, steps can be a real danger because their balance and stability isn't what it used to be. For some, they purposely limit how many times they have to go up and down the stairs. So getting them an electric stair lift might be the solution. That way if they forget their glasses upstairs it's just a quick trip away.

Lisa Jensen is the Customer Service Coordinator at the Avera Living Well Center. She says, "All of our lift chairs are 10% off until the end of December and they can really make a difference in keeping people in their homes and out of nursing homes. It helps people live independently longer."

The same can be said for wheelchairs and scooters and they have Certified Rehab Technology Suppliers on staff to properly fit you.

Rob Brown, CRTS at Avera Living Well Center, "Especially when it comes to wheelchairs, if you get into the wrong equipment it can cause a lot of other problems like not being able to propel the chair or pressure sores because it's too tight or too large."

For Marie Barth she went with the beige brace instead of the more constricting black one and just like the Avera Living Well Center she says the fit is perfect.


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