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Avera Medical Minute: Hearing Aids

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Peggy Schmidt from Yankton loves that she can hear everything around her now, thanks to Dr. Rumsey and her hearing aids. Peggy Schmidt from Yankton loves that she can hear everything around her now, thanks to Dr. Rumsey and her hearing aids.

Do you have someone in your life that is constantly asking, what? Could you repeat that?  For a lot of folks, they don't want to acknowledge a hearing loss because of the stigma attached to hearing aids, but we talked to one Yankton woman who is so glad to have her hearing aids because now she can finally hear what's going on around her. 

Peggy Schmidt from Yankton didn't know how bad her hearing had gotten until she got it fixed. As a child she suffered hearing loss in one of her ears, but suddenly four years ago her good ear went silent.

 Peggy says, "I asked people questions all the time, I avoided big groups, if there was a seminar I made sure to sit in the front. Anything that should have been enjoyable was a lot of work because I had to stress if I could hear what was going on."

A little over a year and a half ago she came to see Dr. Matt Rumsey, Audiologist at  Avera Yankton Ear, Nose and Throat on the Avera Sacred Heart Campus, she left with 2 hearing aids and a new perspective on life.

Peggy says, "It's just such a joy to hear everything. To be able to hear my grandchildren and I think my kids talk to me more now."

Dr. Rumsey says often times what we do for recreation can leave a lasting, negative impact on our hearing. Here's a good rule of thumb; if you can hear your car stereo outside your car, it's too loud. If you are wearing ear buds and have to shout to talk over it or someone can hear your music more than an arm's length distance away, it's too loud.

Dr. Rumsey says, "It comes down to a combination of loudness and time. If you listen to anything too loud for too long you'll be subject to damage."

Like a lot of people, Peggy was paranoid about getting hearing aids, but now that she has them and can hear as clear as day, it's clear to her how much she's been missing.

Sporting events, concerts, and motorcycles are often louder than what's recommended. Dr. Rumsey said it's a good idea to wear ear plugs when you are doing something or at a an event that requires you to shout to be heard over the noise.


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