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Avera Medical Minute: Cancer Fitness Program

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Breast Cancer Survivor Kerri Krump and Avera Fitness Specialist Glenda Baker doing Qi Gong. Breast Cancer Survivor Kerri Krump and Avera Fitness Specialist Glenda Baker doing Qi Gong.

Any cancer survivor will tell you it takes everything you have to fight it and when you are done you can be left sore, completely exhausted, and just not feeling like yourself.  A Colton woman went through the Avera Cancer Fitness Program and got her energy and her life back.

Kerri Krump from Colton is proud to say she is a breast cancer survivor. Diagnosed in November of 2008, she will tell you it has been a hard fought battle getting to where she is today. She whole heartedly believes the Cancer Fitness Program has had a profound impact on her recovery process.

Kerri says, "I feel great. I didn't begin feeling great for a long time. Going through this cancer fitness has really given me more energy. It's really given me my life back. I've started to get back to the person I was before cancer."

The Avera Cancer Fitness Program is 8 weeks long.  Once a week (for 8 weeks) participants work one on one with specialists who personalize a program that fits with each patients/survivors needs.  They do strength and conditioning, nutrition education, and mind body exercises. We watched as Certified Fitness Specialist Glenda Baker did Qi Gong with Kerri in the Mind/Body Studio at the Avera McKennan Fitness Center.

Glenda says, "I've heard from people over the years that feel like their life has become very out of control with all the doctors visits and all the medications, not to mention just hearing the word cancer scares most of us anyway. I like-in it to a roller coaster ride. There are lots of ups and downs and someone else is at the controls. It's nice to be given back a piece of that control, even from my perspective, if it is posture and breathing and soft gentle movements." 

Kerri is a mother of 6 so you can imagine how busy she is at home.  After her lumpectomy, radiation and chemo therapy treatments she said just doing chores around the house was very tough on her. She would be stiff and sore and exhausted. She says just getting range of motion back has helped immensely.

Kerri says, "This makes you feel like you are whole again. Back to where you were before cancer. The program in centered on getting healthy and that's what we want is to be as healthy as you possibly can and you want to get there as quickly as you can."

Fighting cancer is one thing, dealing with all the after effects is another. The Cancer Fitness Program offers a support team to help in the whole healing process; mind, body, and spirit.

There is a fee for the program, but a membership to the Avera McKennan Fitness Center is included in the 8 week program. Scholarships are also available.  For more information call Marcia Jones (605)322-5331.


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