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Avera Medical Minute: Living Well Community

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Living Well Community online social media sponsored by Avera McKennan. Living Well Community online social media sponsored by Avera McKennan.

Do you hop online when you suspect you or your children are coming down with something? Well, Avera McKennan hopes the next time you do that, you will go to: LivingWellCommunity.com.  Explains how this social networking site is helping bring a community of information together in one convenient place.

Everyone is welcome in the living well community. www.LivingWellCommunity.com went online in May. The Avera McKennan sponsored social networking site features all kinds of health information. It was developed by Paul Ten Haken and his company Click Rain.  Including social media is a growing trend in the healthcare industry as a way to try and reach all groups of people and Avera McKennan hired Paul because they know in this tech savvy day and age people want to be connected with other people who can answer their questions concerning their health and wellness.

 Paul says, "People go online and want to hear what other people's circumstances were and experiences they had. Word of mouth really focused on health and wellness. People trust other people opinions and that's happening more in social media settings."

Avera McKennan Marketing Specialists Kristen Townsend says, "They can interact with each other discuss topics that area important to you, post video and see what others are saying. It's a great gathering point. "  

Dr. Kara Bruning is a pediatrician at the Main McGreevy Clinic Avera and is one of the doctors that answers questions online from people. "I go online and answer questions from parents like how do I treat my child's diaper rash. Easy things like that that you can do over the computer. And if we think they need to be seen by a doctor we will tell them to do get them in."

In that aspect, it's kind of like Avera's Ask-a-Nurse, but online with doctors and peers. It doesn't cost anything to be a part of the community and your online neighbors could end up saving you a lot of time and anxiety.

Live online chats with Avera McKennan doctors are also coming soon to the Living Well Community. They will be posted ahead of time so you know when to join them and have your questions handy.


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